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Jeremiah Catlin (Chappy)

Chaplain Jeremiah J. Catlin was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. At age 18, he moved to Manhattan, Kansas to attend Kansas State University. It was at KSU that Jeremiah was uniquely introduced to a group of men that would become his college friends. These men were all Christians and it was through them that he received Christ. He began serving at Manhattan Baptist Church in such positions as Commander of the AWANA program, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Music Minister, and Associate Pastor. On May 25, 1996 he made the best decision of his life in marrying his wife, Shari.

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My Story

After Chaplain Jeremiah Catlin was medically evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in November 2007, he saw a ministry need for the wounded warriors to get into the outdoors. This vision became the foundation for a non-profit ministry, Chappy’s Outdoors, Inc. supporting more than 1500 warriors in 24 different states over the past 14 years. The name of the organization reflects the nickname he received from his fellow warriors in combat, “Chappy.” His involvement with warriors also landed him in the roles of videography and film editing for several outdoor organizations. These events have been in tandem with such outdoor giants as Realtree Outdoors, Hunter’s Specialties, Bowhunter TV, Jackie Bushman “the Buckmaster”, Major League Bowhunters, Bloodline TV, Jim Shockey, Jim Zumbo, Hank Parker, Jimmy Sites, and more!

Chappy is currently serving as President of Chappy’s Outdoors, Inc. He is also serving as the Host, Producer, and Pro-staff for Decision Pointe Outdoors TV show on the Pursuit Channel. The TV show is a ministry team of Pastors that enjoy the outdoors. Our first season we were named the Rookie TV show of the year for the Pursuit Channel and have since been viewed by over 50,000 people in the month of September 2022 alone! This TV show ministry has now faithfully served to see over 280 people accept Christ because of its efforts. He works closely with Operation Second Chance, Peterson Outdoor Ministries, National Wild Turkey Federation, Warriors Outdoors, Safari Club International, and Catfish Nation to coordinate, schedule, and arrange for warriors to attend their annual events. His personal hunting experience covers 37 years of upland game bird hunting, small game, and big game such as elk, grizzly, moose, deer, alligator, and more. His personal fishing experience spans more than 38 years of fishing in more than 20 different states for fresh and saltwater species and includes competing in amateur-level tournament series. His video work has been used for the following shows: Decision Pointe Outdoors, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, Team Part-Time Whitetails online TV show, Adventure Bound Outdoors Television, Bloodline TV, Hunter’s Specialties, and most recently as a cameraman for one of the newest Top 10 rated outdoor shows in the nation: Bowhunter Magazine/ TV.


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